General FAQ's

What is TeachingBharat?

TeachingBharat is an advanced online learning and teaching platform for aspiring students of grades between 5th and 12th.

What examination boards you cover?

Presently, we cover Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Indian School Certificate Examinations (ICSE), International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), International Baccalaureate (IB), and various State Boards. We are, however, planning to add more to this list.

What subjects / courses you cover?

We have an extensive library of online courses, covering most in-demand subjects / topics. If there is any subject / course (from your syllabus) you find missing on our website, write to us at, and we will do the best to assist you.

Where can I find free tutorial sessions by TeachingBharat?

You can find free lectures on our website or by subscribing to our YouTube channel Here!

Can I learn any language on TeachingBharat?

TeachingBharat always strives to ensure an enhanced learning experience for its learners. Team TeachingBharat shall soon launch a language tutoring platform for the learners. Stay tuned with for the updated information.

How Do I Get Started?

Click on the 'Sign-Up' button at, fill up the quick registration form, Submit, and EUREKA! You are a part of 42000+ students’ community. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel Here! to view our free lectures online.

Is online learning as effective as in-person tutoring?

Yes, online learning is as efficient as In-person tutoring, but with added benefits of convenience, flexible session times, lower cost, along with a safe, relaxed environment for the students.

Most of the students, who have formerly used in-person tutoring, find online learning to be more productive and enjoy the added benefits that web-based learning offers.

What computer equipment do I need for online learning?

The only equipment necessary for online tutoring is a computer, internet access, and phone access.

Billing and Payments

What all payment options you have to subscribe to the courses / learning sessions?

You can choose to pay online using your Debit Card / Credit Card / PayPal account, through our secure payment gateway, for the desired courses / learning sessions.

Do you accept Checks or Demand Drafts?

No, presently, we only accept online payments using Debit Card / Credit Card / PayPal, through a secured payment gateway.

Do I need to provide credit card information during sign up?

No, we do not ask for any financial details during your sign-up. You will be asked to provide your financial information only while booking a learning session.

What is your cancellation policy?

We expect prior 24 hours email notice (on from students of any cancellations.

Points to Note:

  • If you cancel a scheduled session in less than 24 hours, we reserve the right to charge for the cancelled or missed session.

  • However, if your tutor cancels a scheduled session at the last minute or does not show up, email us at, and we will manage the matter for a timely resolution.

Searching Tutor

How do I find an instructor on TeachingBharat?

Log into your account using valid credentials, select your grade, subject, and course, and hit submit. A list of teachers, matching your search criteria will appear, showing their basic information like name, qualifications, ratings, and class charges. Click on the desired teacher to read the detailed profile and finalize the appropriate instructor.

What information is available on an instructor’s profile?

You will find every detail about the instructors that help you making an informed decision. The information shall include subject teachers can teach, their qualification, along with their rating and reviews by other students.

The selected instructor is showing offline. How can I connect?

Instructors listed on TeachingBharat have an availability schedule. If you find them offline, drop a message to see if he or she can teach you as per your schedule.

How to book a session with the teacher I have selected?

You can send an online session request using “Book Session” button within the teacher’s profile or browse the instructor’s free learning sessions by clicking on “Free Trial Sessions” button next to “Book Session” option. The instructor shall reply to you within 24 Hours post submitting the request.

What if a teacher doesn’t respond?

Right to us at and we will make sure that you get a reply within 24 hrs.