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We are providing reading classes for your child to boost his skills. Teach your child the best reading techniques through Teaching Bharat.

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About this course

Teaching Bharat’s online reading course is the best option to boost the skills of your child. We provide phonics-based reading classes for kids to enhance their reading skills. Hundreds of options are availablewhich provide a vast online learning opportunity. This course is perfect and unique which gives your child unbeatable learning. Different stories, comics, and poems are available in this course. This course is made by experts who have great knowledge of e-learning. They made this course based on all merits of perfection. This course includes online reading classes, audio stories, tests, and at last your child will get a certificate. Teaching Bharat provides a valid and effective certificate.

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    The interface of Teaching Bharat is very attractive and optimize for online learning. You can track your progress and locate your data easily and quickly.

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    Our experts have made the content of Teaching Bharat with great care using their experience. We do not compromise on the quality of learning content.

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    We provide a wide range of courses and micro sessions. You can learn a lot from Teaching Bharat. Explore now!

Hundreds of Features and Options.

Teaching Bharat contains a vast variety of courses and micro sessions. This course contains a lot of reading material, short stories, and tests.You can collect the certificate and different awards.

New Quizes
Reading Practice
Writing Practice
Audio Poems
Audio Stories
Speaking Practice
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Stepping into Reading

Duration: 32 Hours

Curriculum Includes

Sequence, Fundamentals Coding Blocks, Operations, Loops and Condition

₹ 10599₹ 5600


Enhanced Reading and Expression

Duration: 32 Hours

Curriculum Includes

  • Unlimited LIVE Interactive Classes
  • Test Series & Analysis
  • Assignments & Notes

₹ 20599₹ 6000


Independent Reading and Expression

Duration: 32 Hours

Curriculum Includes

  • Unlimited LIVE Interactive Classes
  • Test Series & Analysis
  • Assignments & Notes

₹ 40599₹ 16000


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  • Best reading course for kids in India.

  • A vast variety of high-quality content.

  • A facility of tests is available to boost your learning.

  • Earn a very effective certificate at theend of the course.